Lauren Barrett

​Do you feel completely overwhelmed at the prospect of potty training your kid? Especially potty training boys?

I’m sure you heard that potty training boys is more difficult than potty training girls and how to potty train a boy or how to start potty training a boy might be a recurring question you’re asking yourself right now.

Potty training is a rite of passage for parents. It is a frequent search in Google with over 63 million results.

And I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so daunting as the internet or other people make it out to seem. Sure, at times it isn’t easy and can be, frankly, downright hard, but it doesn’t have to be impossible and such a terrible experience.

Take it from me. I potty trained my son and lived to write about it.

In this blog, you’ll get a 7 month guide on how I started potty training my son at 2 years old. You’ll get information on the best potty training supplies to buy, the process I used to get my son to go to the bathroom, mistakes I made, tips that worked, and information on pooping.

Let’s dive right in.

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Month 1

*If you don’t want to take this month by month, you can take it week by week*

Potty training for me started long before I even put my son on the potty. I wanted to go into it with a solid plan of action and research on my side.

So month 1, I simply read a potty training book and mapped out my plan.

For me, I follow The Mom Psychologist on Instagram and really resonate with her parenting style. When I learned that she had written a book, The First-Time Parent’s Guide to Potty Training, I jumped right on it and bought it.