Lauren Barrett

It’s no surprise that society likes to joke about the tired mom.

TV shows play homage to her by having her mistakenly leave the house in her pajamas, robe, and slippers. Mom buns is now a common phrase. And we’ve all seen memes or pictures of a mom with huge bags under her eyes as she juggles the laundry, her kids pulling her in different directions, and trying to talk on the phone.

But a tired mom is no laughing matter. Sleep deprivation has serious side effects.

Difficulties with sleep and insomnia can linger far after the newborn phase. The tired mom, so weary from the day, collapses on her bed, and the next thing she knows she is unable to fall asleep. It’s frustrating.

I know because I’ve been there. I struggled with insomnia and sleep anxiety for many months. The rest of my house lay asleep peacefully while I tossed and turned with sheer panic.

It’s awful, and if you’re going through this, you’re not alone, and I have some tips for you.

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#1 Don’t Eat After 8PM. ​

When we put our head down on the pillow, we don’t want to have to worry about anything other than sleeping. Eating after 8PM can lead to digestive issues that can disrupt our sleeping.

When I was having trouble with sleep, I didn’t want any external factors to get in the way, so I eliminated eating after 8PM.

#2 Limit Drinking ​

Despite the classic stereotypes of tired moms “needing” wine to unwind before bed, I learned that drinking alcohol up to four hours before bed can mess with one’s sleep.

If I did happen to drink, I would limit myself to one glass. Tired moms, there are plenty of…